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Shirvan Valley, Sabalan, Iran

Shirvan Valley (دره شیروان سبلان) is one of 11 wildlife habitats located in Sabalan mountains (کوه سبلان) area . It is located about 20 kilometers from city of Meshkinshahr (Meshkin Shahr) (مشكين شهر). Shirvan is 2200 meters above sea level,…

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Urmia or Orumieh ارومیه

[ad#imapnov08] Urmia or Orumieh (Persian: ارومیه, Orumieh; during the majority of the Pahlavi Dynasty (1925–1979) called Persian: رضائیه, Rezaiyeh), (37°32′58″N 45°4′11″E) is the capital of the West Azerbaijan Province, a district and a city located in northwestern Iran. It is…

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