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Oraman village – Kurdistan Iran

Oraman (Persian: اورامان‎‎) or (Avroman, Owraman or Hewraman‎), is a mountainous region located within the provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah in western Iran and in north-eastern Iraq within Iraq's Kurdistan Region. In Iran, the region includes the cities of Paveh…

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Cones of Kandovan, Iran

Kandovan ( کندوان ) is an ancient village in Sahand Rural District, in the Central District of Osku County, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. What makes the village so unique is that its homes have been carved inside cone shaped rocks.…

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Iran Map in 3D

MemNav team recently released their latest update for Iran Map. The new update includes many corrections and updates with 3D images, additional roads, cities, POI and etc. To purchase go to

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Iran Map for Mobiles

نقشه راهیاب (جی پی اس) ايران برای موبايل های اندروید، بلک بری و ویندوز  ويژگي ها | To Buy CLICK HERE امکان آپديت رايگان از درون نرم افزار نویتل به روز رساني نقشه از درون نرم افزار نویتل شامل نقشه…

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آیینی به تازگی نوروز

همه ساله در آخرین روزهای اسفند ماه بنا بر رسمی کهن زنان شهر کوهپایه ای مجن با تهیۀ خاک سرخ و سفید از ارتفاعات البرز شرقی (پیرامون شهر) اقدام به تجدید نمای خانه های گِلی خود نموده و بدین شکل…

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