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Garmin working with Sprint on Connected GPS

The WSJ reported that Sprint and Garmin are working together on a connected GPS, Garmin doing the heavy lifting, Sprint providing the wholesale cellular connection. Much like the Kindle book reader, the device would call upon the Sprint network to get the information without advertising that Sprint is really involved.

Garmin is working on a connected GPS because: 1) They leverage innovation platforms well, and what connected navigation features that are designed for the Nuvifone should in some form find its way to stand alone GPS units, and 2) Garmin appears to be taking up its place as slow to market with a rock solid option. With Dash, Isignia, TeleNav, and soon TomTom hitting the US market, Garmin couldn’t leave this market alone.

Garmin working with Sprint on Connected GPS

They will offer free traffic updates over the FM airwaves.

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